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MESCOE Student Associations


Prof. Priyadarshini M. Hapse

The College has produced a number of alumni who are working as professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe. This lecture series is a platform for alumni to come forward and speak to current students about their experiences as students of Ness Wadia College and how it has helped them in their personal and professional journeys.


Coordinator:Dr. Mariam Noronha

The Arts Association of the College was revived in the academic year 2016-17. The objective of having an Arts Association in a Commerce College is to organize various activities that will help our students to become sensitized towards art as a form of expression. We work with the premise that business is an art which demands creativity in problem solving, product design and development, team building and conflict resolution. As part of its activities the Arts Association conducts lecture series, workshops, poster making and visits to art galleries and studios.