About Library

"Library is the heart of an Institution.” -Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, 2nd President of India
The Library at CWIT, Pune is a huge support to the Institute's march towards its mission-"To Spread Technical Education". It strives to connect the outstanding facility to brilliant students to the Knowledge Pool."


Library Profile

  1. Total number of Library books :-19,170
  2. Total number of Book Bank books :-15,565
  3. Total number of Periodicals :-00046
  4. Total number of Newspapers :-00011


Facilities in Library

  1. Online Public Access Catalog {OPAC}
  2. Open Access System
  3. Book Bank for all Students
  4. Reference Books
  5. Old Semester Question Papers for Reference
  6. Reading Room for Students to Study
  7. Magazines and Newspapers Section For Staff and Students
  8. In-House Identity Card System

Five Laws of Library Science

  1. First Law :-Books are for Use.
  2. Second Law :- Every Person His or Her Book.
  3. Third Law :- Every Book its Reader.
  4. Fourth Law :- Save Time of the Reader.
  5. Fifth Law :- Library is a Growing Organism.


Book Classified As Per Dewey Decimal Classification System 22nd Edition


Computerized Library Information Services.

Library Staff

SR. No.Staff NameDesignation
1 Ms. Makhare R.S.In Charge Librarian