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Diploma Programme in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as buildings, roads, dams, canals, effluent treatment plants etc. Aim of a Civil engineering fraternity is to improve the standard of life of human beings by providing physical means for human activities. The existence of creations of Civil engineer can be felt from building, roads, dams, canals and all structures. It is one of the oldest discipline addressing basic needs of water, shelter and food. It grooms civilization by providing the basic infrastructure for the businesses, industries, and organizations dealing with health, education and entertainment. The Civil Engineering Department of CWIT started in the year 1957. The Department conducts Diploma in Civil Engineering since its inception. The Department had conducted for employed diploma holders, the Savitribai Phule Pune University’s Part Time Degree Program in Civil Engineering from 1983 to 2014.


To mould the students to become responsive to the needs of the Civil Engineering field by imparting quality curriculum ”


To Develop Industry Oriented Manpower to accept the challenges of Globalization by,

  1. To impart industry focused technical skills and adhere to social and ethical values.
  2. To update curricula as well as learning strategies in tune with latest development in Civil Engineering.
  3. To reinforce linkage with industry as well as alumni.
  4. To continuously develop faculty & infrastructure.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Actively engage in problem solving using Civil Engineering principles as a team member or individual to address the evolving needs of the society.
  • Adapt emerging techniques & methods in their professional practice in related fields.
  • Provide ethical, social & sustainable solutions to Civil Engineering application areas.

Program Outcomes (POs)

The Civill Engineering Diploma Holder will be able to:

  • Basic and Discipline specific knowledge - Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and engineering specialization to solve the engineering problems.
  • Problem analysis - Identify and analyse well-defined engineering problems using codified standard methods.
  • Design/development of solutions - Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the design of systems components or processes to meet specified needs.
  • Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing - Apply modern engineering tools and appropriate technique to conduct standard tests and measurements.
  • Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment - Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.
  • Project Management - Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about well-defined engineering activities.
  • Life-long learning - Ability to analyse individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

The Civill Engineering Diploma Holder will be able to:

  • Construction Planning and detailing – Plan, draft, detail out and estimate Civil Engineering works.
  • Construction Execution, Supervision and Maintenance – Supervise, construct and maintain Civil Engineering activities.

Dr. C. N. Thombare

I/C Head of Department

Dr. C. N. Thombare

The Civil Engineering Department of CWIT started in the year 1957. The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty. We encourage regular interaction among the students, parents and staff. We have good library facility and infrastructure facilities. The laboratories of the department are well equipped with efficient machinery. The students are always encouraged to excel in co-curricular as well as extracurricular activities.

Faculty List

Sr NoNameDesignation & Date of JoiningQualificationSpecialization
1 Dr. C. N. Thombare I/C HOD, 15/07/1997 Ph.D., M.E. Civil (Structures) Design of Structures, Pre-stressed Concrete, Project Work.
2 Dr. S. V. Kanitkar Lecturer, 01/07/1998 Ph.D., M.E. Civil (Construction Management) Office Automation & CAD, Hydraulics, Environmental Engg., Project Work.
3 Prof. A. Y. Devare Lecturer, 21/07/1998 M.E. Civil (Construction Management.) Geotechnical Engg., Concrete Technology. Quantity Surveying
4 Prof. R. S. Kengale Lecturer, 21/06/2004 M-Tech. Civil (Town Planning) Construction Material, Building- Planning & drawing, Building Services, Building Construction, Surveying
5 Prof. Mrs. V. D. Pawar Lecturer, 14/10/2008 M. Tech. Civil (Town Planning) Engg. Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Structures.

Program Wise Board of Studies Members

Sr NoNameDesignationWork Area
1 Shri. R. R. Dhoot Chairman Eminent Promoter, Builder, Developer, Contractor & Manufacturer of Prefab Steel Buildings.
2 Shri. D. S. Molak Member Deputy Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Pune.
3 Shri. M. P. Pathak Member Director, Unity Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
4 Shri. Jaideep Raje Member General Manager (Technical), Bhate Raje Consultants, Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
5 Shri. Mohan Sakhalkar Member CMD, Creation Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Nigdi Pradhikaran, Pune 27.
6 Shri. Mohan Sakhalkar Member Head, Civil Engineering Department, Govt. Polytechnic, Pune.

Academic Calendar- Summer 2022

Summer 2022 Time Table

Laboratory Names

1. Surveying 5. Strength of Materials
2. Transportation Engineering 6. Geotechnical Engineering
3. Hydraulics 7. Concrete Technology
4. Compute 8. Engineering Mechanics


Surveying Laboratory

List of Equipment:
1. 20” Transit Theodolites
2. 1” Universal Wild T-2 Theodolites
3. Micro-optic Theodolites
4. Digital Theodolites
5. Auto Levels
6. Dumpy Levels
7. Digital Electronics Total Station
8. Electronics Digital Planimeter
9. Laser Level
10. Handheld GPS
11. Digital Level
12. Laser Distance Meter
13. Lasrer Square

Transportation Engineering Laboratory

List of Equipment:
1. Hydraulic Bench
2. Buoyancy Experimental set up
3. Heleshow Apparatus.
4. Renold’s Apparatus.
5. Electrical Analogyl Apparatus.

Hydraulics Laboratory

List of Equipment:
1. Hydraulic Bench.
2. Buoyancy Experimental set up
3. Heleshow Apparatus.
4. Renold’s Apparatus.
5. Electrical Analogyl Apparatus.

Computer Laboratory

List of Equipment:
1. Computers
2. Server
3. Softwares
4. Printer.
5. UPS

Strength of Materials Laboratory

List of Equipment:
1. Universal Testing Machine.
2. Abrasion Test Machine for Tiles
3. Flexure Test Machine for Tiles
4. Izod Impact Test Machine
5. Brinell’s Hardness Test Machine
6.Torsion Test Machine

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

List of Equipment:
1. Direct Shear Test Apparatus.
2. Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus
3. Load Frame Motorised.
4. Sieve Shaker Motorised.
5. Universal Permeability Apparatus
6. C.B.R. Test Apparatus

Concrete Technology Laboratory

List of Equipment:
1. Compression Testing Machine.
2. Mould Vibrator 70.7 mm
3. Table Vibrator .
4. Vee Bee consisto meter.
5. Compaction Factor Apparatus
6. Cube, Cylindrical and Beam Moulds
7. Vicat’s Apparatus

Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

List of Equipment:
1. Parallel Force Apparatus
2. Jib Crane
3. Reaction of Beam Apparatus.
4. Worm and Worm Wheel
5. Friction Apparatus
6. Screw Jack
7. Pulley Blocks
8. Atwood’s Machine


Curriculum of Civil Engg Dept MPECH2018

Download PDF

Curriculum of Civil Engg Dept MPECH2014

Download PDF

List of MOUs:

Sr. No.Name of IndustryNature of activities
1. Sai Samarth Construction Anand Pearl, Flat No.104, P.No.117, S.No.232/1+2, Sakore Nagar, Viman Nagar, Pune – 411 014. Expert Lectures, Technical Visits, Internship Training Curriculum Revision
2. Monarch Surveyors and Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd., 1, Rujeta, 67 Panmala, Sinhagad Road, Pune – 411 030. Expert Lectures, Technical Visits, Internship Training Curriculum Revision
3. Snergy School of Business Schools, Behind Petrol Pump, Dnyaneshwar Paduka Square, FC Road, Pune 5. A1 Day workshop on MS Project.

Guest Lectures

Sr. No.DateTopicFaculty
1. 4/7/2018 Land Dealing for Plotting. Mrs. Reshma Hajite, (Director, Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd., Pune.)
2. 7/7/2018 State Land Records Department & Practices. Shri Khamkar S.D., (Dy Director, Land Records, MS, Pune.)
3. 11/7/2018 How to become a good Civil Engineer? Shri J.V. Gadre, (Civil Engineer & Contractor, Pune)
4. 29/8/2018 Motivational Lecture. Mr. Madhu Jagdish, (Soft Skill Expert, Pune.)
5. 19/9/2018 Quality Audit. Mr. Sachin Wagh, (Proprietor, Pro-Qual Solutions, Pune.)
6. 26/9/2018 Geotechnical Investigation & foundation for Bridges. Mr. M. M. Kulkarni, (Ex SE, PWD. Pune.)
7. 9/1/2019 Practical Engineering - A Gateway to Employment Mr. Hemant Narkar Director, 108 Consultant, Thane.
8. 23/1/2019 Estimation & Budgeting for Large Project. Ms. Rupali Desai, Estimation & Budgeting Consultant, Pune.
9. 30/1/2019 Becoming a good Civil Engineer (Part-II) Shri J. V. Gadre, Civil Engineer & Contractor, Pune.
10. 8/2/2019 Traffic Awareness Mr. Dhairyasheel Vandekar, Traffic Consultant & Volunteer for Traffic Awareness, Pune Police.
11. 12/2/2019 Awareness Program on Women’s Safety. Mrs. Sucheta Gite Police Inspector, Pune Traffic Police.
12. 13/2/2019 Career Opportunities for Civil Engineering in the field of Internet of Things. Mr. Prashant Shukla, IT Expert, Pune.
13. 20/2/2019 Balance Sheet Mrs Kalpana Panase, Accounting Consultant.
14. 21/2/2019 Awaremess Programme on Hygine with Care Sangita Chitare, Janiv Sewabhavi Sanastha,
15. 6/3/2019 Gandhian Thoughts Mr. Vinay R.R.

Industrial Visits

Sr. No.DatePlace of Visit
1. 28/6/2018 Road Over Bridge near Alankar Cinema, Pune.
2. 8/7/2018 Bungalow at Urali Kanchan for collecting measurements for Measured Drawing.
3. 11/7/2018 Land Records’ Museum, Office of Settlement Commissioner, Pune.
4. 21/7/2018 Indian Railway’s Track Technology Museum & Demonstration Yard, Pune.
5. 11/8/2018 Construction site for extension of Pune Municipal Corporation’s Building (II Visit)
6. 21/8/2018 New English School’s Planetarium, Pune
7. 29/8/2018 Girder Launching of Road over Rail Bridge near Jahangir hospital, Pune.
8. 17/9/2018 PMC’s Water Treatment Plant, Warje, Pune
9. 19/1/2019 KT Weirs on river Indrayani at Alandi, Pune.
10. 22/1/2019 Pile Foundation Site, Bund Garden Road For Pune Metro, Pune-1.
11. 1/2/2019 Visit to Pune Metro
12. 9/2/2019 Motilal Dhoot Infrastructur’s Stone Crushing Plant, Loni Kand.
13. 9/2/2019 Baramati Airport
14. 13/2/2019 RMC Plant, Kiwale, Pune.
15. 13/2/2019 Precast Building Elements Factory, Kiwale
16. 28/2/2019 Survey of India, Pune.
17. 9/3/2019 Panshet, Varasgaon & Khadakwasla Dams
18. 16/3/2019 PMC’s Hot Mix Plant, Yeravada, Pune.
19. 17/3/2019 Pune Railway Station

Induction Program

3.1 Induction sessions conducted by Civil Engineering faculty

Sr. NoClassDay & Date, DurationTopicDepartment Faculty
1. I year DCE Tuesday 6/7/2019 1Hour 10:30 to 11.30 am Campus tour/introduction of faculties vision mission of Institute. Essence of diploma engineering Science
2. I year DCE Tuesday 20/8/2019 1Hour 10:30 to 11.30 am Scenario of Technical Education. AICTE, DTE, MSBTE, Type of Institute, Resources available with institution Civil Prof. AYD
3. I year DCE Tuesday 27/8/2019 1Hour 10:30 to 11.30 am Important of Civil Branch and the courses offered therein Civil Dr.CNT
4. I year DCE Tuesday 3/9/2019 1Hour 10:30 to 11.30 am Outcome based education PO, PSO, CO, micro projects, industrial training and concept of assessment and attainment Civil Prof. RSK
5. I year DCE Tuesday 17/9/2019 1Hour 10:30 to 11.30 am Effective use of computer facilities & IT resources. Use of NPTEL/SWAYAM/MOOC/Spoken Tutorial, effective use of social media. Civil Prof. SVK
6. I year DCE Tuesday 24/9/2019 1Hour 10:30 to 11.30 am Career opportunities in related industries after completion of diploma. Training & Placement
7. I year DCE Tuesday 1/10/2019 1Hour 10:30 to 11.30 am Interaction with alumni for sharing their success stories. Civil Prof. ASS

3.2 Induction sessions conducted by Training & Placement Cell

Sr. No.ClassDay & Date , DurationTopicDepartment
1. I year DCE Tuesday 6/8/2019 2 Hours Health, Hygiene and importance of cleaning Training & Placement
2. I year DCE Tuesday 20/8/2019 2 Hours Human Values Training & Placement
3. I year DCE Tuesday 27/8/2019 ,2 Hours Yoga & Meditation Training & Placement
4. I year DCE Tuesday 3/9/2019 2 Hours Emotional balance & Gender equality Training & Placement
5. I year DCE Tuesday 17/9/2019 2 Hours Communication skills Training & Placement
6. I year DCE Tuesday 24/9/2019 2 Hours Creativity Training & Placement