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First Year to Post SSC Diploma / Direct Second Year to Post SSC Diploma Admission:

First Year to Post SSC Diploma Admission is a Centralized Procedure. The Centralized Admission Procedure (CAP) is carried out as per the guidelines of Director of Technical Education, Mumbai, Govt. of Maharashtra. For further information click on link http://www.dtemaharashtra.gov.in
The schedule or Centralized Admission Process (CAP) is notified by DTE, , M.S. After the CAP rounds, admissions at vacant seats are filled at Institute Level..

  • Documents required for admission to Post SSC Diploma in Engineering & Technology Download
  • Documents required for admission to Direct Second Year Diploma in Engineering & Technology for HSC / MCVC / ITI Download

Aided and Unaided Course FEE Structure

  • Aided _Unaided Course FEE Structure_ A.Y. 2023-2024 Download

Admission Schedule

Visit the website http://www.dtemaharashtra.gov.in for First Year to Post SSC Diploma / Direct Second Year to Post SSC Diploma Admission schedule.

Students Strength

Post SSC Diploma Admission.
Course / BranchChoice CodeSanction Intake
Electrical Engineering 6020 60
Civil Engineering 6020 60
Mechanical Engg. 6020 60(Aided) + 60(Unaided)
Electronics & Tele. Comm. Engg 6020 60(Aided) + 60(Unaided)
Computer Engg. 6020 60 + 60
Computer Engineering & IoT 60

All Admissions done under Centralized Admission Procedure only.

Administrative Office

The administrative office provides guidance to the students for Admissions, Railways/Bus Concession, and Scholarship/ Free Ship scheme of Government of Maharashtra, Examination and related work. Fee concessions as mentioned below subject to approval from appropriate authorities are available to the eligible students.

  1. Government of India Scholarship/ Free Ship to Backward Class Category Students
  2. Physically Handicapped Student Scholarship
  3. Minority Scholarship
  4. Economically Backward Class (EBC) Scholarship
  5. Travel Concession for Eligible Students


The Office has following sections:

  1. Establishment Section
  2. Account Section
  3. Student Section
  4. Scholarship Section

Office Staff

Shri. S. R. Abnave [ Office Superintendent - I/C Registrar ]

1) Establishment Section

Sr.NoStaff NameDesignation
1 Shri K.D.Dhavale Jr.Clerk
2 Shri G.L.Buchade Lab Assistant

2) Account Section

Sr.NoStaff NameDesignation
1 Shri P.S.Nalawade Sr.Clerk
2 Shri S.R.Kale Jr.Clerk

3) Student Section

Sr.NoStaff NameDesignation
1 Mrs S.S.Kane Sr.Clerk
2 Mrs S.S.Jawale Jr.Clerk

4) Scholarship Section

Sr.NoStaff NameDesignation
1 Mrs S.S.Kane Sr.Clerk
2 Mrs S.S.Jawale Jr.Clerk

Office Photos

  • MES CWIT, Pune-College Brochure(English)-2023-24 Download
  • MES CWIT, Pune-College Brochure(Marathi)-2023-24 Download

Hostel (Boys & Girls)

The College provides Hostel Accommodation in the premises for boys and girls. Hostels are equipped with all modern amenities conveniences and comforts. The rooms are well ventilated and are suitably furnished. A new hostel is constructed with independent facility block containing separate mess and reading halls for boys and girls. The old girls’ hostel can accommodate 91 girls, new hostel can provide accommodation to 352 boys and 264 girls. Round the clock security is provided to both the hostels and it is under CCTV surveillance. Dr. Prakash N. Chaudhary, Vice Principal of Ness Wadia College of Commerce are the Wardens of Gents and Ladies Hostel respectively. The College Hostel, located within the college campus, consists of two blocks, one each for boys and girls. It is a residence hostel for full time graduate and postgraduate students admitted to CWIT. All community areas like dining room, common room, recreation room, wash room etc., are provided separately for boys and girls.

The Hostel Committee, under the Chairmanship of Principal, frames the rules and regulations of the Hostel from time to time and is the final authority in matters concerning the management of the hostels.
Students should maintain peace and decorum in the hostel. Students involved in ragging in hostel are liable for severe punishment. Round the clock Security is provided in the hostel buildings. The necessary housekeeping services are provided to maintain the cleanliness. The college authorities will not be responsible for the loss of any personal valuables. Students will not be allowed to stay away from the hostel beyond 10.00 pm. For detailed rules and regulations refer hostel notice board. Hostel fees including service and other charges are to be paid in advance. For admission to hostel Students can contact Prof. A. K. Kakde - Sr Lecturer in E&Tc Department.

Hostel Staff :
1. - - Junior Clerk
2. - - Junior Clerk
College Hostel :
Hostel Facility

More about Hostel Facility